About the Office of Mr. John Riggio, RA Architect

The office of Mr. John Riggio, RA Architect, LLC provides Architecture and Design in the State of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. The areas in New Jersey include, North, Central and South Jersey. In the State of New York my areas are New York City, Eastern upstate New York, and Long Island. In the State of Pennsylvania my areas are Philadelphia Metro locations. Since my original State License and Registration in 1998, I have completed approximately sixty Projects per year, with the Project types of; Commercial, Industrial, Public and Residential Buildings. The scope of the projects are small to large size with the work being designed for New Buildings, Houses, Additions, Alterations, Conversions, Medical offices, Retail stores, Religious Buildings, Landmark Buildings, Building Renovations, and Subdivisions, etc. My office can provide Building Code Compliance with current Regulations and clear Building Violations. I also provide Application filing and Board Hearings required for Variances to your projects. The present office consists of myself and a support staff. The office is fully computerized with all drawing and printing conducted by computer Cad software.

Mr. John Riggio, RA

Photo by John Riggio, RA